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    Autumn camp 2020 - Back to the Bungles       Get together and book now      
    - that is the Warrumbungles NP! On the Northern Slopes of NSW.   
    Dates are in Sunday 29th March and out Saturday 4th April 2020    
    Interested people need to get together and book rooms     
    at the Mountain Motel with Sally now and let Heather know.
    If staying elsewhere please also let Heather know.      
    More details in members trips area      

beautiful views    more beautiful bushwalking views
      Farm and beach walks provide beautiful views 30th group
Bushwalkers at 30th Anniversary May 2016
    The Dalmeny Narooma Bushwalkers Club was established in May 1986.
    Since 1997, the Dalmeny Narooma Bushwalkers have walked with the support of the NSW Office of Sport ... Walking For Pleasure.